I have been doing computer repair work in Alaska for a long time, and one issue I encounter with clients constantly is this common scam.  You may have fallen victim to it yourself.   You are browsing the web, searching for something to buy on Amazon or searching for a YouTube video that you heard a coworker talk about, when suddenly a window pops up on your screen that looks something like this:

Scared of the possibility that you may have a virus on your machine, you call the number.  Someone picks up, you let them know what just appeared, and the person on the phone assures you they can take care of the issue, as long as they can remote into your machine.  Of course first they will need your credit card information.

There are different variations of how this takes place, but they all have one thing in common: they’re scams.

Do not fall victim to this issue, not only will the people on the other end not fix your problem, they could make it worse.  Also, they may charge you way more than you agreed upon initially, which means that the scam artist will tell you that they will charge you $50 to fix this issue, but you could see a bank charge of hundreds of dollars.

If you are scared of your computer being infected, or if you have received a pop up like this and are not sure what to do, give us a call.  As mentioned, we have many years of experience with computer repair in Anchorage Alaska, and we can make sure your computer is back to normal and in tip top shape.