The big problem..

Many people make the very common mistake of thinking that the more Antivirus products you have installed on your computer, the better.

As an example, a user will install Webroot, McAfee, and Norton on their computer and leave them running at the same time.

This is not a wise practice!

The logic in doing this might seem to make sense: a house with 3 security guards instead of 1 has more protection, therefore the same must be true with antivirus programs.

The truth is the opposite.  To illustrate, let’s say that you hire 3 managers to run your small business.

It might be okay initially, but over time one manager will conflict with the other and eventually start butting heads as to how the business should be run, what policies should in place, and so on.

Having 2 antivirus programs at once is like putting Batman against Superman, don’t do it!

This is basically what happens when you have more than one antivirus solution running on your computer, but instead of two managers with conflicting ideas you get programs doing the following:

The problems that can occur: 

1.  They will try to wipe each other out.

Remember that antivirus programs are searching for files and programs that are trying to take control of your computers.  Because of this it is very common for one antivirus program to try and block the other one and vice versa.

2.  They will fight over who gets to wipe a virus.

If you do get a virus on your computer, each antivirus program will try to implement their own procedures in cleaning it at the same time which can cause false error reports and notifications.

3.  It will cause your machine to be crazy slow.

Antivirus programs take up a lot of computer resources.  That is the price you pay for having something monitor your machine.

Installing two of these on one computer makes it worse with zero benefit, since both programs are doing the exact same thing.

The solution is simple…

Pick one antivirus solution and stick to it.

There are tons of great solutions out there that will do the job without bogging down your system with multiple programs.

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